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Trademark Law - Protect your brand

A trademark or service mark is any word, name, symbol, color, sound, or device, or any combination thereof, used by a person  in commerce to identify and distinguish his or her goods or services from those manufactured or sold by competitors. 

A trademark owner can protect and further enforce its rights to a trademark through registration. Trademarks can be registered at the federal level with the United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) or may also be registered at the State level with the Secretary of State. Registering with the USPTO affords greater geographic protection than registering with a State.  

Benefits of registering your mark trademark with USPTO:

  • Legally presumed the owner of the mark
  • Exclusive right to use the mark throughout the US and its territories
  • Puts the public on notice of ownership of the mark
  • Mark is listed on the USPTO database
  • Record registration with US Custom and Boarder Protection
  • Right to bring legal action concerning mark in federal court
  • Right to use  the ® symbol
  • May use registration as a basis for foreign filing